Pakistani climbers face difficulties in climbing K2

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Pakistani climbers are facing severe difficulties during the K2 summit in winter, while the condition of one climber has deteriorated due to severe weather.

A Pakistani team led by world-renowned climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara is trying to make history by climbing the world’s second highest peak ‘K2’ without an oxygen cylinder for the first time in winter.

They face severe difficulties during the campaign.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara said in his tweet that the condition of one member of the team has deteriorated due to which a special rescue team had to be called while others were prevented from advancing due to severe weather.

It should be noted that K2 is considered to be the most dangerous mountain in the world.

A few days ago, Nepali climbers climbed it for the first time in history in winter.

Pakistani climbers began their expedition three days ago with the determination to climb the world’s second highest peak without oxygen.