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Pakistani engineer offers to sanitize stadium in PSL by drone

A young engineer from National Incubation Center Karachi has offered to sanitize the stadium by drone during PSL competitions.

Syed Azmat, a talented young man who has introduced drone technology for civilian purposes in Pakistan, has offered the Pakistan Cricket Board, the Karachi administration and the Sindh government to use PSL matches in Pakistan with heavy-duty drones. Cricket stadiums can be sanitized during

Syed Azmat said that in case of sanitizing the stadium with drones, Pakistan would become the first country to use this technology effectively for sports and at the same time Pakistan’s expertise in drone technology would be exposed to the world.

Syed Azmat said that with the help of drones, every single stitch of a cricket stadium can be synthesized with utmost accuracy. This technique has also been demonstrated on Thursday by sanitizing the ground adjacent to NIC at NED University.

Syed Azmat claimed that it would take an hour to sanitize the National Stadium with his state-of-the-art drones and the operational cost would be unmatched by the traditional method.

Syed Azmat said that PSL is an effective platform through which Pakistan’s technology is available in the world and the talent of the youth can also be effectively exposed. I did not. To a question, he said that the playing field for football matches was sanitized only once in the UK last year by drone.

Syed Azmat said that in addition, PSL sponsoring companies could also use drones to deliver prizes to the spectators, all of which would help minimize human interference in PSL matches and Pakistan will become the leading country in the fight against Corona using technology.

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