Parents will now be able to monitor their children’s activities on YouTube

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During the Corona epidemic last year, a large number of children around the world, especially children, turned to YouTube, where they used educational, entertainment and other videos.

But at the same time, parents have complained to YouTube that their children watch videos that are not suitable for them.

Although there is a YouTube Kids app for it. But as children get older, they become YouTubers themselves and their range of interests expands.

Now even in this context, not every video is suitable for them. In view of this shortcoming, the YouTube administration has come up with new options.

Now, thanks to the new option, parents themselves can connect with their child’s YouTube activities and keep an eye on them. YouTube describes the details on its blog as follows:

“Last year, parents and experts from around the world commented on the video option for teens and even younger children.

That’s why we’re offering a beta service that will allow them to monitor their activity from a supervised Google account.

This will allow parents to set content settings and video limits. Under this, parents will be able to give their opinion in the light of which the YouTube service will be further improved.

Now with this option parents will be able to choose one of the three main levels.


This option contains videos just above YouTube Kids for kids ages nine and up. These include vlogs, instructional videos, gaming, music, education and more.

Explore more:

The age limit is 13 years or more, including livestreams.

Most of YouTube:

This allows you to watch all videos but not the only ones that are subject to the 18-year limit. These include sensitive topics.

According to YouTube, children will not be able to buy the app in this way, which is a common trend in developed countries.

On the other hand, parents will have many kinds of control. These options can be further improved over time.