Preparing to snatch important weapons from fast bowlers

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Preparations began to snatch another important weapon from the fast bowlers, the MCC began consultations to impose a complete ban on bouncers, and extreme measures to protect the players from injury began to be considered.

According to the details, the fear of legal action by the cricketers who suffered injuries during the matches has started harassing the cricket authorities, therefore the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the guardian of the rules of the game, has consulted for a complete ban on bouncers Started

The review comes at a time when football and rugby are facing millions of pounds in damages from players whose memory has been affected by head injuries.

In recent times in cricket, many steps have been taken to protect the players from head injuries, strong hamlets have been developed, immediate examination due to head injuries and allowing the affected player to continue playing as directed by doctors.

It is decided that as long as the effects of the head injury remain, the player will not return to the field.

In cricket, at all professional levels, the law of removing the substitute head injury player from the field is being enforced and is being implemented.

Despite this, cricket officials have been worried that batsmen could be injured due to short balls, which is why consultations have begun on a complete ban on bouncers, although the talks are still in the early stages.

Being taken seriously. Bouncers are an important weapon for fast bowlers, and a ban on them could further diminish their importance, so it will not be easy for the authorities to make any decision about it.