Rakhi Sawant hinted at divorcing her husband Ratish

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Marriage to Riteish is illegal, we have nothing in common, he doesn’t introduce himself as my husband, it seems difficult for us to live together, interview

Leading Indian actress Rakhi Sawant hints at divorcing her husband Ratish Gesturing to take, he said that his marriage to Ratish is illegal.

Rakhi Sawant said that before going to Bigg Boss, my marriage was going through a lot of problems because my husband had left me on the day of the wedding and he had also refused to reveal himself to the media.

He said that at the same time my sick mother was undergoing chemotherapy and then I came to know that Ratish is already married and has children.

The Bollywood actress said that Ratish married me when I was in a very difficult situation, he married me to save me.

He also said that there is nothing in common between the two of us. He doesn’t introduce himself as my husband, after which I think it’s hard for us to live together.

He said, “I haven’t met Ratish since I came out of Bigg Boss’s house and I don’t.” I know what his reaction will be after all the things I said in Bigg Boss. Rakhi Sawant said that only after meeting Ratish we will make a decision about our married life.