HomemoviesRangreza movies latest track "Bagiya" is lovely track

Rangreza movies latest track “Bagiya” is lovely track

Rangreza movies latest track “Bagiya” is lovely track


 “Rangreza” is one of the good expected production in Pakistan where Urwa Ocane and Ghar Rasheed are appearing as star, a beautifully directed musical drama, public is waiting to watch as soon as possible.
Latest track of “Rangreza” which is titled as Bagiya seems about Love life of Start Bilal and Urwa with love and affection. This track reflects the quality of movie and story seems attracting.

The beutiful song is sung by Jonita Gandhi and Composition of Josh Qurram Hussain which is quite different and unique with rest of songs from the same move.    Abida and Asrar’s “Phool Khil Jayen” was a good track however “Rangreza” seems more attracting for the public as compare to rest of two songs.     You can watch below track and can expect a better show…!  


Earlierly it was in circulation that Qurram is working as Music Director, prducer and singer in Rangreza track.

“I am doing 4 songs in Rangreza, 1 of them is a romantic qawwali, but a different one not as traditional qawwali something different world,” says Qurram.

In the same “Rangreza” another beautiful and romantic song refers when Bilal falls in love with Urwa 3rd track seems be an anthem and modern song. 4th one is also a romantic and soulful song but attracting for women perspective when Star Urwa fallen in love with Star Bilal.

While talking to a local news channel, Gohar disclosed that he was busy in shooting for his upcoming film, which he expressed as “a musical love story.”

He added, “I am very happy for our production Rangreza becuase this is going to be one fo the unique move after Sargam,” he added.

“I am appearing in the film as a qawwal, which reflects struggled musicians in our society” said the Mann Mayal star.

Produced by “Yasir Mohiuddin” and “Usman Malkani” and written by “Akhtar Qayyum”, Rangreza is expected to release on December 21st this year.

If you have any question regarding move please comment below.

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