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Reports saying Facebook is planning to merge the Whatsapp, Instagram & Messenger chats

Reports saying Facebook is planning to merge the Whatsapp, Instagram & Messenger chats

The New York Times is reporting that Facebook plans to combine messaging services across its applications, merging chats from WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. A WhatsApp user would be able to start a chat with an Instagram user, breaking down barriers between Facebook’s social platforms.

A Messenger user would be able to send an end-to-end encrypted conversation with someone who only has a WhatsApp account for instance. Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp will remain separate apps on the home screen but the common messaging features will be unified.

Facebook seemed to affirm the report in an announcement to the New York Times.

The move would speak to a key move in Facebook tasks as up to now Instagram and WhatsApp have to a great extent been created freely of the center Facebook behemoth.

The report says a few representatives at Instagram and WhatsApp are awkward with Facebook’s alter of course, which has all the earmarks of being driven by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. We previously observed the Instagram prime supporters withdraw a year ago, which is accepted to have been a reaction to different parts of Facebook endeavoring to apply all the more firm power over the Instagram item.

To assuage concerns, Mr. Zuckerberg called a follow-up meeting with WhatsApp employees later in the week, three of the people said. On Dec. 7, employees gathered around microphones at WhatsApp’s offices to ask Mr. Zuckerberg why he was so invested in merging the services. Some said his answers were vague and meandering. Several WhatsApp employees have left or plan to leave because of Mr. Zuckerberg’s plans, the people said.

WhatsApp representatives appear to be especially irritated by the plans. Solid protection and encryption is a center piece of the WhatsApp item offering, and workers are apparently worried that those fundamentals will be overlooked so as to actualize the stupendous unification of Facebook informing administrations.

Clients can have namelessness on Instagram and WhatsApp, not at all like Facebook. This represents a test for the connecting of administrations. It’s not quickly clear how the mix could be accomplished without bargaining the estimations of WhatsApp and Instagram.

The New York Times says advancement is moving forward with a dispatch penciled in for 2020.

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