Robot hosts a hotel in South Africa

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You can meet the robot host at the reception in a hotel in Sandton, a rich town in South Africa.

Speaking of which, there is no risk of being infected with the corona virus as the meat consists of electronic and plastic pieces instead of poppy.

Here you will see robots named Lexi, Micah and Ariel who can help you in every possible way. Although robots have been seen in Japanese hotels before.

In 2015 alone, a Tokyo hotel was completely handed over to machines and robots.

But this year, Hotel Sky in Johannesburg has full hotel hosts. These robots exist in a country where unemployment has already become the worst crisis.

Unemployment in South Africa is currently over 30%. That’s why the hotel management has said that we have not fired people but have made room for new robots.

All three robots can provide room service as well as 300 kg weight to your room. In this way, if a Code 19 patient comes here, the situation will not get worse.

Although the robots do not say anything about themselves, they are experts in face recognition with artificial intelligence and can tell whether the guests staying in the hotel are happy or angry with them.

However, the guests who come here are happy to see the robots in the hotel and are doing different things with them.