Salman Khan’s stand on the protests of Indian farmers

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Bollywood’s domineering actor Salman Khan’s position finally came to the fore on the protests of Indian farmers.

Farmers’ protests in India have caused a stir these days. The issue has gained worldwide attention after the tweet of American singer Rihanna in support of the farmers and the tweet in favor of the farmers of Rihanna has also woken up the Indian artists who have remained silent on this issue. Were

Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Karan Johar, Ektakpur and Sunil Shetty spoke on the issue but instead of speaking in favor of the farmers, they spoke in favor of the government, which further angered the farmers’ supporters. Of

However, the meaningful silence of the three Khans of Bollywood on this issue had surprised everyone but now Salman Khan has given his position on this issue.

During the launching ceremony of the Indian Pro Music League yesterday, when the journalists wanted to know their opinion on the farmers’ protest, at first Salman Khan did not give any answer to the journalists and started leaving.

He later decided to answer the question, giving a vague answer that everyone should have the right thing to do. There must be something right with everyone.

It should be noted that the tweet made by the American singer Rihanna in favor of the farmers has shocked the pro-government Indians and they have termed it as an internal matter of India and said that foreign artists should be involved in the internal affairs of India. Should not interfere