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Salu Mian left everyone behind in terms of film earnings

Salman Khan, who has ruled Bollywood, has once again surpassed all the actors in film earnings.

According to the Indian website, there are 9 Salman Khan’s films that have grossed over Rs 100 crore, while 3 films have grossed over Rs 200 crore.

Similarly, there are 3 films that have grossed over Rs 300 crore. Make more money and make Salomon the king of Bollywood.

Akshay Kumar is at the second position in this list and his 11 films have grossed more than Rs 100 crore. However, there is no Akshay film that has earned more than Rs 300 crore while Mr. Perfectionist Aamir is at the third position with only Rs.

There were 2 films which earned 100 crores and 2 films which did business of more than 300 crores.

In the rankings released by the Indian website, Ajay Devgn is fourth, Shah Rukh Khan is fifth, Hrithik Roshan is sixth and Ranveer Singh is seventh.

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