Samsung has introduced a 50-megapixel camera sensor

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Samsung has unveiled the world’s most advanced smartphone camera sensor, which will allow users to take 50-megapixel photos and create full HD videos at 480 frames per second (480 fps).

The new camera sensor, made by South Korea’s famous Samsung Electronics, has been dubbed the “Iso Cell GN2”, which illuminates smartphone photography / videography from a new revolutionary era. Will do

To put it more accurately, the picture resolution of such cameras will be 8,160 x 6,144 pixels (more than 50 megapixels overall).
It will be able to make “8K” (8K) resolution videos at 24 FPR.

If you want to make videos capable of “super slow motion”, these cameras can be used to make 1080P (HD) quality video at 480 FPR.

Simply put, a 480 FPR video of just one minute, if played at “normal” speeds of 24 FPR, will be completed in 20 minutes.

Under special arrangements, the same camera sensor will be able to take pictures up to 100 megapixels.

In the case of low light, its sensor (with the help of its automated algorithm) will also be able to capture bright and clear images / videos using large pixels.

In technical terms, the Isocell GN2 mobile camera sensor is only 1.4 micrometers per pixel, 53 times shorter than a human hair.

That is why the total width of this sensor is slightly more than just 11 square millimeters (1.1 square centimeters).

Last year, in 2020, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Motorola introduced 108-megapixel smartphone cameras, but the pixel size ranged from 1.66 micrometers to 2.44 micrometers.

Samsung’s new smartphone camera sensor has a smaller pixel size than all of them.

Which camera smartphone will this camera sensor be part of? This is not currently stated in Samsung’s press release.

However, some “insider” websites have reported that Xiaomi has decided to use the Samsung Iso Cell GN2 camera sensor in its next Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra smartphone. What is it.