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Smartphones are ruining the world’s sleep

Research has shown that smartphones are the main cause of sleep deprivation in young people around the world, especially those who stay with us in bed.

A report published in Frontier’s Psychiatry on Tuesday published a survey of 1,043 students at King’s College London. They discussed smartphone usage habits and sleep quality, both online and in person.

A standard was drawn from the ten questions that showed how addicted students are to smartphones.

On this scale, 40% of people were found to be severely addicted to smartphones. This figure was also in line with previous observations.

Many of them said they use their smartphones after one o’clock at night, which triples their risk of insomnia.

Among the students who admitted to using their smartphones late at night, sleep problems were the most severe. His sleep duration was very bad.

He slept less and complained of fatigue throughout the day.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Vasivold Poloski, say that one hour before going to bed, turn off laptops, phones and tablets. Do not take them to bed under any circumstances.

According to Dr. Poloski, the phone’s LED lights reduce the amount of melatonin in the body. This hormone plays an important role in keeping us awake.

If this ‘sleep hormone’ is produced in a good amount, then you will have a restful sleep.

On the other hand, experts have described smartphone addiction as worse than smoking.

Experts insist that if smartphone use is classified as an epidemic, it is ruining the sleep and health of young people around the world.

Doctors have described the use of smartphones as a medical condition that can be very dangerous and has been dubbed nomophobia.

How to stay away from smartphones?

Here are some tips to help you reduce your smartphone addiction:

  • Make it a habit to turn off the phone several times in the first day and then it will be easier to turn off the phone at night.
  • If possible, remove social media apps, including Facebook and Twitter, from the phone and view only from the desktop.
  • Talk to family, go for a long drive, take interest in training children.
  • At night, turn the screen of the mobile phone black and white because it makes you bored and less attractive.
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