Sono Nigham is being humiliated by Indian Media

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Sono Nigham is being humiliated by Indian Media

Sono Nigham is being humiliated by Indian Media

Bollywood singer Sonongam Pak, India, broke on its latest media’s insulting and provocative behavior on recent stress and cleared its nature.

The main role in enhancing the tension between Pakistan and India is also of the sensational and ethical behavior of the Indian media.

Indian media has played an important role in making the atmosphere of war by reporting extremely flawed and emotionally in this situation and angered its people.

India’s unusual behavior on Indian media, where India’s joke is laughing, has begun against India itself against its own media.

Bollywood singer Sono Nagam jokingly blamed his media on recent India’s tension, saying, “You are doing the tricks, and the climbers are climbing up when you keep an evil attitude with them,” he said. .

Sonongam said that the first ball has been made in the match right now and our media started shouting that we won, this is a very stupid move of Indian media and people living in the good country live on TV but Something is being shown that they are not all of the decent people but children.

Do not sprinkle the front, otherwise there will be a response from there.

Sonongam, taking his news about his media, said that our media celebrates the death of people while celebrating unnecessary responsibility. How do we celebrate someone’s death, so I think our media needs to learn more lessons.

Not exactly understanding when we also need to be a good man.