Supreme Court settles development funds case against PM

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The Supreme Court has disposed of a case against Prime Minister Imran Khan for providing development funds to members of the Assembly.

The Supreme Court heard a case regarding the Prime Minister’s allocation of development funds to members of the Assembly.

The report of the Finance Secretary signed by Prime Minister Imran Khan was submitted to the Supreme Court in which the Prime Minister denied the news of giving development funds to the members of the Assembly.

The Attorney General objected to the Prime Minister’s request for an answer.

Justice Qazi Faiz Issa asked why the objections raised today were not raised yesterday.

The Attorney General replied that the constitutional question could be raised at any level, no development funds could be given to any member of the Assembly.

Justice Omar Ata Bandial said that the Prime Minister has constitutional protection. In the court order, the answer was sought from the Secretary to the Prime Minister.

The government is run by secretaries. Was the Prime Minister personally accountable? He is accountable when the matter is related to him.

If the government is accountable, then the Prime Minister cannot be asked. The Attorney General should not allow any illegal order to be issued.

Justice Qazi Faiz Issa said that yesterday someone sent me some documents on WhatsApp, huge funds have been released to the government coalition in NA-65 constituency, can funds be given to certain constituencies for road construction.

Is it in accordance with the law to give funds for roads in the constituency, we are not the enemy, we are the protectors of the people’s money and the constitution, I hope you will also want no measures based on corruption.

The Attorney General replied that the WhatsApp documents were your complaint and would be reviewed. On this, Justice Faiz Issa said, “Don’t call me a complainant.

I am just pointing you out. You may not have listened to me. Is it the job of the Prime Minister to distribute envelopes?” Should the vote be extended to the Assembly.

Justice Faiz Issa said that there is a flood of tweets against me. Is it not the responsibility of the Election Commission to take action against corrupt practices? It is not known whether the Prime Minister has constitutional protection over political actions. In the past, courts used to summon the Prime Minister. Have been

The Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked that the answer of the Prime Minister is quite reasonable, Justice Faiz and the Prime Minister are parties in a case, we did not sit to control the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Supreme Court, while declaring the reply of the Prime Minister as satisfactory, disposed of the case against the Prime Minister for giving funds to the members of the Assembly.