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The complaint against who stole your heart

The complaint against who stole your heart

The complaint against who stole your heart

The heartbreak complaint is very old, but for the first time a lover asked a police station to file a report of the theft and to bring back the unusual heart.

This incident was presented in Nagpur, Indian city, where a young man took a complaint of this “period” and told the police that a girl has taken her heart, so the police should export goods worthless. The police, sorry by saying that there is no such clause in the Indian law which can be filed under this case.

We have the whole range from this young man, tell me, how unjust it is, theft of a heart like a heart does not have any status in the law. Although it is not a minor steal, after that theft, the series of robberies and pockets hit on the account does not end even on the return of marriage.

The first heart is stolen, then it is a pleasure to get money in good hotels, bring gifts to every meeting, call on mobile phone balances, year-old, Valentine’s Day, and festivals. Is. After that, parents are insisted to bring home, so the heart reaches to reach the house.

The thing that started with theft became the impression of the kidnapping of the entire brother Zori, in which the kidnapped person receives all the life while living in the Mughavi’s house.

Now tell me, should the “complaint” of serious crime such as heart stolen be lodged or not?

However, as far as heart attacks are concerned, they can file a complaint of heart detection, they are not stolen. If you know that the heart that has been thrown out of a chest like a cow’s throat, even then it can be called a crime, the demand for exports is possible, the lender will clearly say “We have It has been found in the land of God, how can it say that this is your heart, is it a chase number listed?

It can also be said in response to the allegation. “We raised a number of heartbeats, which took place in the municipality’s worm vehicle.” Mirza Ghalib also faced such intelligent beloved, saying, “We will not say, if we found heart.”

Mummallah said that his beloved would have said, “Hazrat! Take care of your heart in the chest, if we are grated and we get it, we will be able to stabilize it for years or give a medical college to experience, then we will not blame us for theft or weep. I do not know where to lose my heart. “Despite this warning, it happened:

Opening the loop again, today we have our heart

What happened to you, found lost
No longer knowing that Mighty found himself in a lost hearted body or found on a medical student’s table, his result was that:

The prayer was not worthy of love
I did not have the heart that was deliberate

The story of the young man of Nagpur and the ghost of the ghost Aslamullah Khan has got a lesson that the heart should not be stolen nor the hair and the nails should be thrown into consideration, kept very handy, and after every impression of the eyes Keeping hands on is not checked if it is not.

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