The leaked video of Hareem Shah exposed the real face of Mufti Qawi

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Another video of tick talk star Hareem Shah has come to light in which Mufti Qawi is seen telling about his own deeds.

In the video that went viral on social media, Mufti Qawi is having dinner with Hareem Shah and another woman in a hotel.

And Hareem Shah is making videos of them without their knowledge.

Mufti is saying about strong wines that there are 5 types but I drink grape juice which is good.

And because I drink it because it is good for my heart.

In the video, another woman asks Mufti Qawi if any of your girlfriends will come to the party today.

What the Mufti laughs at will not be one, there will be many. It is the desire of women to sit in the quorum of Mufti Abdul Qawi.

Someday I will take Ashiq Hussain to me.

In the video, Hareem Shah says that Mufti Sahib has ever been intoxicated in his life, to which Mufti Qawi denied and said, “I am not intoxicated.”

The other woman asked Mufti Sahib to tell me what kind of liquor you drink which Mufti Qawi says I do not ask the name.

When the woman asked again which of the intoxicants she used, she said quite frankly, “Drink only Maghrib.”

It should be noted that the video of Hareem Shah slapping Mufti Qawi went viral on social media yesterday, which caused a stir on Pakistani media and social media.

Many more videos have surfaced since this video.