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The low cost drug that kills lice can reduce deaths in Covid

The ultra-low-cost drug that kills lice can reduce deaths from code 19

Ivermectin, a common lice-killing drug for children and women, has long been used worldwide in the recent Corona epidemic.

After Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Egypt, it has now shown encouraging results in London as well.

The news is that eleven different studies have shown that Ivermectin Code 19 can dramatically reduce mortality by up to 80%.

That is, if 19 to 100 people are on the verge of death, up to 80 of them can survive or be saved.

According to the latest news, Dr. Andrew Hill, an epidemiologist at the University of Liverpool, has done this detailed analysis and he has described this medicine as one of the most dramatic and important medicine for the most serious patients who are on the verge of death.

Other experts have expressed skepticism and called for more research, with Dr. Andrew detailing 11 different studies.

Analysts insist that many claims about hydrochloroquine and other drugs have been made in the past, which have been disproved over time and have shown no benefits.

It should be noted that ivermectin prepared in 1970 is eaten and applied on the skin in the form of cream. In this way it eliminates physical parasites.

It is commonly used around the world, but it has also had very encouraging results for critically ill people infected with the corona virus.

According to scientists, this drug paralyzes the “SARS-COV-2” virus, which stops their rapid growth.

This has been revealed by 11 different experiments and studies on 1400 patients but so far only some parts of this report have been revealed while the full research report will be published next month.

According to the details, 573 patients suffering from code 19 in the UK alone were given the drug, of which only eight died, while 44 out of 510 patients who did not take the drug died.

Two studies have also shown that ivermectin expels the corona virus very quickly from the body.

In Egypt, 100 patients with moderate symptoms of code 19 were given ivermectin, and on average, all symptoms disappeared within five days.

But if the next 100 patients were not given the drug, it would take 10 days for the epidemic to subside.

However, further research on this issue is needed and will continue, but the initial results of Ivermectin have been very encouraging.

Interestingly, ivermectin has also been tested on some patients in Pakistan and there have been positive results.

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