The only baksrjs a hand in the world do not pretend to have a disability

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Some people in the world are physically censored as justification for their failure and some are people who are physically involved in any shortage of their success.

The life of Chelsea, a Greek-speaking volunteer, is a practical example for others. Even after denying one hand, Willez did not dare.

Volice had crowned his arm till childhood. He was born in a straight arm and was not able to cut hands on doctors as he had to wash the wallet with hands.

The wolves were only 3 months old when they were hand-handed. They grew up with courage, and became the boxing-fighting boxer of the world with one-hand hand.

It was not easy to grow up with disabilities. Violetes had to face difficulties from other children. When growing up with their problems, anger became a part of their life. This anger caused them much harm and they were miserable. I started screaming.

One day, he got the boxing address and got the secret of his anger. The 31-year-old widget took ten years of his life on boxing and went on to win the second position in boxing world in the UK.

Vigilies’s first coach Tony Long, in his gym, gave him the opportunity to get his wrestling boxing.

His trainer pulled out the boxing glue on his half arm, his trainer’s solution was not resolved. Volicez showed his skills by adopting non-conventional boxing style, despite the scarcity.

In 2015, Waleedies first came to the front of 3000 people in the boxing color and won the competition. In some cases, after winning and winning a few injuries, resulting in injuries in a competition, he went out of the boxing world for a while.

In December 2018, he returned with his win in the boxing color. He returned back to Los Angeles and plans to plan his name for many victories in the future.