'The pandemic is accelerating': WHO warns of dangerous coronavirus phase

'The pandemic is accelerating': WHO warns of dangerous coronavirus phase

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  1. Yet here in the Bay area we are opening everything up LOL. WHAT A JOKE. I understand that people are angry. Rightfully so. No one should lose their business because of this. Now they are ending the pandemic unemployment as well. Yes. I get it. There are many lazy dirt bags who just do not want to work. But there are those who do. It's crazy to me how a governer decided to just start opening businesses based on his own opinions. When there is a pandemic- we are not the ones who choose when it will go away. It is insane. We never locked down. Our whole city was out an about all over the place. So for him to open it up when we never locked down fully in the first place is asinine.

  2. The boy that cried wolf comes to if by any chance your telling the one will believe you now because you’ve lied to us time& time again..and if this is indeed the truth,why aren’t the governments listening to you ?! In Malta we have had fewer then a handful of cases in the past week or so which means the plan-Demic is a few days we will open our airport to 12 countries with no quarantine restrictions & as from the 15 ,all countries…so your a joke even with the leaders of the world..Trump was right to cut you off!..fear mungers…

  3. The w.h.o trying to put people again on carantine. And we will start the nonsense again and again. They will going to tell us numbers, we will never remove the masks and more difficulties for people

  4. This guy lost his credibility when he got into cahoots with the Chinese and lying to us about this pandemic. Now we are supposed to believe in what he says. This man must be investigated by FBI and CIA and everybody with any resources. Lock him up.

  5. I don’t trust this organisation one little bit but if what he says is true and the pandemic is getting worse then why are so many countries easing up on lockdown and restrictions etc . It doesn’t make any sense . Unless the respective governments have decided that their economies are more important than civilians and they are willing to gamble and take a chance . I suppose that shouldn’t surprise us if it is what’s happening

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  7. To me it is amazing that the Whole World is testing so many many people. You want us to see gloom and doom. Give us hope. Give us strength and courage to go forward together. Tell us what to do to move forward.

  8. We have a shared responsibility… Just like we had a shared responsibility in January when this could of been contained. How many people have died because of your shared responsibility?.

  9. Unfortunately, the WHO is owned by China, has lied about the effectiveness of face masks, lied about person to person transmissions in China.


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