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The PSL’s biosecure bubble became “unsafe”

The PSL’s biosecure bubble became “unsafe”, with the PCB’s weak strategy being blamed for the new Corona case.

By showing leniency to Peshawar Zalmi, other teams were also shown the way to break the rules.

It has also been revealed that the families of some cricketers have been allowed to join without quarantine.

Holding is not without risk, last year there were 12 cases in 4 playoff matches, the number may still increase.

On the other hand, the PCB conducted the PCR test of Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators last night. All the teams were instructed to stay on their floor for one day.

Every 4 days, all the people in the bio-secure bubble. There will be KPCR tests.

According to the details, the PCB claimed to have developed a bio-secure bubble for PSL 6, but even there, the corona cases have raised questions about its usefulness. Sources said that the board’s strategy is weak.

Under pressure from Wahab Riaz and Darren Sammy to join the team a day later set a negative precedent, it also showed other franchises the way to break the rules, some cricketers’ families without quarantine Permission to join has also been revealed.

Food is also being ordered from outside, a team official said on condition of anonymity. Ground staff, hotel staff, etc. are in the bio-bubble, anyone can be infected with the virus, the bubble is just to reassure the mind. Formed for, celebrations are also underway at the hotel.

Sources further said that in the current situation, holding the league is not without danger. Last year, there were 12 cases in 4 play-off matches. This number may still increase. The players are also concerned about the current situation.

On the other hand, the PCB will now conduct PCR tests on all the people in the BioSecure bubble every 4 days, including cricketers, families, officials and team owners.

The first case of Fawad Ahmed came to light yesterday. United’s rapid test was done, the Quetta Gladiators team got on the bus at 4:30 pm and waited, at 5:30 pm they were called back inside the hotel, a few days ago the two teams had practiced together, his Despite the knowledge, the test of Quetta was delayed.

Even though the time of the match was 9 o’clock, the test was not held till 7 pm, then the match itself was postponed.

Later, rapid tests were also conducted on Quetta and four other teams. The machine was brought to the hotel from a local hospital. The results come out in 15 to 20 minutes.

Then, late at night, the PC of Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators R tests were also conducted. The same test will be held for four teams on Tuesday.

The board is trying to get the results of Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators as soon as possible as they will have to play the match at night. All teams have been instructed to stay on their floor for one day.

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