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Home Animals This spider hunts by making a 'fake shelter' of leaves!

This spider hunts by making a ‘fake shelter’ of leaves!

Wildlife experts have spotted a spider in a forest in Madagascar, combining leaves with its silky saliva to make a fake shelter and hunting frogs.

This strange scene shows that some spiders not only prey on their nets but can also use the same nets for untouchable ‘forgery’.

Its full scientific name is Sparassidae, Damastes sp, but in common parlance it is called the “Huntsman Spider” because it has the ability to run very fast.
In size, it is much larger than normal spiders, about 4 to 6 inches. Most species are found in the dense and rainforests of Madagascar, which have so far been seen preying on large insects.

It sticks large leaves of a plant or tree together with its silky saliva (fiber) in such a way that some part between them is left open while the spider hides inside it, in a corner. Sits down

Insects consider these leaves as a safe haven and crawl inside and this spider easily preys on them.

Hunting of vertebrate animals by non-vertebrate animals has rarely been observed.

This is the first time a “hunting spider” has been seen hunting a frog in the same way. However, it remains to be confirmed whether the frog accidentally entered the spider’s “fake shelter” or whether it is in the habit of preying on such spiders in particular.

However, whatever it is, it is certainly very interesting, the full scientific details of which have been published in the latest issue of the Open Access online research journal “Ecology and Evolution”.

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