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Tick tock killed 2 more youths, drowned in the canal

Tick-tock obsession claimed the lives of two more young men.

Two youths fell into a canal and died while making a tick-tock video near Bhakhi village in Sheikhupura area.

A rescue operation was carried out to search for the youths and rescue workers recovered the bodies of two drowning youths after several hours of struggle.

Both were identified as Zeeshan and Sajid. He was a resident of Raiwind Lahore and had come to meet him at the invitation of his cousin, where he stood near the canal and started making tick-tock videos, during which he could not maintain his balance and died.

It should be noted that hundreds of lives have been lost while making talk talk videos all over the world including Pakistan.

Just yesterday, a young man who made a tick-tock talk by climbing a mountain rock near Clifton Do Dardarya in Karachi lost his life.

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