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TickTalk has released new terms for video content

Shenzhen, China: Tik Tak has made some important announcements, imposing new and stricter conditions on video sharing.

The TickTalk app will now flag unverified videos if they are not verified to prevent the spread of false information on this platform.

Under this new feature, a new feature will appear on the screen of the video creator and especially when it is not verified while reviewing the video. If this video is posted, it will show a warning label just like Facebook.

Byte Dance, a Chinese tick-making company, discusses this in detail in a blog post. Tik Tak has said that since he is responsible for the video released on his app, he will do his best to prevent misinformation on it.

Tik Tak said the videos were presented in the form of news, scientific information or political information and could be misrepresented.

Similarly, in the case of some unverified and invalid videos, popups that prevent posting will also appear. People will be able to see this warning even if it is posted. Details of the warning will be sent to Tuck Tuck immediately.

Currently, these new changes have started in the United States and Canada, but soon the whole world will be able to see it.

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