Tik Tak introduced the feature to promote e-commerce

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This year, you will find Tik Tak attracted to business, e-commerce and other economic activities, and now, as a new development, Tik Tak has launched Celeri University, which has been launched in Indonesia on a trial basis.

Tik Tak wants its users and users to somehow make money from their videos. In this regard, Tik Tak has entered into an agreement with Shopify and has also started Celeri University. Tik Tak has given details about this in his regular blog.

CeleriUniversity (BeauPowerUniversity) is about helping businesses on tick-tock. In this regard, we are providing lessons, information and updates for the seller tool. That way, consumers can start buying and selling in large numbers, ‚ÄĚTuckTuck said in its announcement.
Under this, consumers will be able to sell their goods in many ways. TikTak is now offering live streaming and selling items from your own page. On the other hand, items can be inserted in the front and back of the video and they can be sold.

Tic Tac Toe says anyone who signs up now will be able to place their items for sale in the second tab of their profile. On the other hand, Tick Talk is now encouraging affiliate business.

According to analysts at Digital App and Social Media Platform, TikTak wants to turn wasteful video into a business. If there is no financial benefit, its users will soon turn to YouTube and Instagram so that they can earn something there. That’s why TickTalk will offer more business opportunities this year.