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Toba Aamir new photoshoot

Photos of actress and host Syeda Toba Aamir’s new photoshoot are going viral on social media, but users are expressing mixed reactions to these photos.

Actress Toba Amir, wife of National Assembly member and host Amir Liaquat Hussain, shared a photo of her new photoshoot on Instagram yesterday.

In the photo, Toba Amir looks very beautiful in a white dress. The photo of her photoshoot went viral on social media.

Users have expressed mixed feelings on Syeda Toba Aamir’s new photoshoot. Some people praised his new style while some people mocked him.

One user said, “Mashaallah, you look very beautiful.” Another user wrote I can’t take my eyes off you.

How can anyone be so perfect? One user called Amir Liaqat lucky and said wow Amir Liaqat is your luck.

A user named Faraz mocked Syeda Toba Amir and said that whenever I see Syeda with your name, I am amazed. Another user wrote, “Wow, the world is the wife of the world.”

It should be noted that Toba Aamir is appearing in the drama “Bhadras” aired on a private TV channel these days. His performance in the play is being liked a lot.

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