Trump makes case for reelection, defies coronavirus taskforce in Tulsa

Trump makes case for reelection, defies coronavirus taskforce in Tulsa

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  1. Makes his own task force to make the rules, just so he can break them.

    That's why I'm voting for the man. We don't need anymore "rule followers" to be afraid of breaking tyrannical rules.

  2. Democrats don't believe anything unless it's on Main Stream TV (scary). Fortunately FOX is independent. Honestly…Trumps presentation is way too thick, overwhelming and over acted….but actions (thankfully) speak louder than words. He's making the USA stronger (safety with strength) and economically more competitive.

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  4. trumpers are proud to be stupid, proud to be racist, and have lowered their bar of expectations to him being capable of drinking a glass of water with one hand. – Is this really what they are hanging their hats on with this dope?

  5. Its been well over two weeks since the protests began, and I don't see people dropping in the streets from the virus. So it is either going away, or rioting, and looting is the cure.

  6. If you wear a diaper on your face then you have to breathe harder, faster and deeper. How is killing yourself going to help others?
    World wild causes of death this year est. as of April, 2ᴺᴰ 2020
    2,859,465 – Deaths from Hunger (Over 36,000 kids a day or six per minute)
    2,099,810 – Deaths from Cancer
    1,278,108 – Deaths from Smoking
    639,456 – Deaths from Alcohol
    429,800 – Deaths from HIV/Aids
    124,310 – Deaths from Season Flu
    55,465 – Deaths from COVID-19
    Source : @
    Year after year we can remotely control a satellite from 365 million miles away but we can't feed dying children ? It all makes sense to me now.

  7. Puts his own supporters in danger of corona virus. Majority being old and most likely have health conditions. Ill bet he wont even bat an eye when thousands more suffer from his stupidity while he takes no responsibility.

  8. I think we can agree he could have had his rally with social distancing and thats what's going to cost trump his presidency, he cares so much about his ego, hed rather have 19k people cheering his name than set an example for forwarding the country

  9. If he wins this election Let The Purge begin he has to have the national guards to protect him here in America that's military operation warp speed😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 waiting for a stimulus hero Act🤔

  10. you mean the rioters can go out and thousands or hundreds or whatever it is and that's not a concern to you. I can Loot and destroy and congregate. Better rally for Trump is a problem I'll have to think about that one

  11. It will all be over after the first DEBATE. Joe Biden's SENILITY will be on full blast. TKO early. "What city are we Joe?". That's it. Stop the fight.

  12. Why is everybody saying that the spread of the virus wasn’t a concern during the protests? That was definitely one of the biggest concerns spoken of as well as looting etc! If you look closely most protesters are wearing masks as well. Oh but it’s all “fake news” right 😂 come on guys wake up🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. Yyyyyeah. "Oh! Oh! The ‘virus’ is gonna getcha if you want to go to church, go on vacation, eat at a restaurant, go workout at a gym or do ANYthing that remotely resembles a free thinking formerly American lifestyle." "And the ‘virus’ is gonna go to sleep and get stronger during summer and then come back in the fall. Yeah. It’s gonna hang out around voting booths and super infect ANYONE who is even THINKING about voting Republican." 🙄


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