Trump supporters storm congressional building, killing 4

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Four people have been killed and 52 arrested in a raid by Trump supporters on the US Parliament and police shelling.

According to foreign media reports, a joint meeting of Congress and Senate, led by Vice President Mike Pence, was held to formally confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden at the Electoral College.

Break barriers outside Capitol Hill and enter the building. Meanwhile, a Trump supporter climbed the dice in the Senate and claimed Trump’s victory.

A joint sitting of the Senate and House of Representatives was temporarily suspended during the incident, with police shelling protesters as they expelled members of Congress.

Four people were killed and 52 were arrested during the violent protests.

National Guard troops have been called in to Washington and other states, a curfew has been imposed in the capital and a 15-day state of emergency has been extended in the city, Washington, D.C.. I came in groups, when the aim was to spread violence and chaos here. They also threw stones.

Today is the darkest day in American history, Biden

US President-elect Joe Biden, in a brief speech on the protests, said: “Today is the darkest day in US history. Protesters have violated the sanctity of the vote.

Violent demonstrations in the capital are an attack on our democracy. American democracy has been damaged, a small group of extremists are spreading lawlessness.

Violent demonstrations outside Capitol Hill do not reflect American democracy, stay calm and respect the law, Trump told supporters on national TV to end the demonstration.

After the speech of the newly elected US President Joe Biden, US President Trump appealed to the supporters to end the protest and said that they love the supporters, do not take the law into their own hands, go back to their homes.

Earlier, addressing a rally of supporters, Trump announced that he would never concede defeat. There are also reports of armed patrols by Trump supporters in some areas.