Trump’s Fox News Coronavirus Town Hall: A Closer Look

Trump’s Fox News Coronavirus Town Hall: A Closer Look

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  1. Yeah you’re killing it! And I love the reference to him looking like he was on the beach with a football helmet. The helmet is classic though because I know you were referring to the old leather helmets! Oh you’re funny dude you’re real funny love it.

  2. I try not to hate, but the women Dump has surrounded himself with, I hate. Kayleigh McEnany & Laura Ingraham, wow, how do they sleep at night? Laura sleeps alone in a casket.


    Their laws 2, 6, 7, 12 14 of the constitution publicized in every cell phone stipulated that every citizen must assist, cover and act as surveillance spy otherwise will be deemed as traitor and executed. They boost their blind men are their model surveillance spy publicly and repeatedly during the past seventy years.

    The POTUS and CIA testified before the congress that there are 1.8 million mistress and illegitimate children with 20 trillion USD plus 0.03 million agents to the States annually during the past 30 years. They spread over all key departments and white house including 271 man-made virus ready to idle all warships, army and eliminate the imminent population explosion and global famine. Worst of the worst, they recruit nearly every single key personnel at all levels during the past decades. W H O ? H O W ? DOMINATION ?

    How can you recruit the world's richest to work for you? Bill Gates, Wall St., ……………………

    How can you recruit the world's leaders to work for you? WHO, French, Kesinger, Nixon, ….

    The CDC trained and sponsored them by the ex. POTUS, and the French helped to build their P4 labs. years ago! How great the Westerners are ! Farmer & Snake. Naive or foolish!

  4. I remember watching Hotshots when I was younger and at the time I thought that the President from that movie was absolutely ridiculous and way too unrealistic to even be funny but now every time I hear ours speaks he the President from that Spoof Movie seems more legitimate

  5. No matter which side of politics you are on, PLEASE read this. Let’s join together as a country, as a nation, as friends, as family.
    A bad economy is not worth people dying to improve it. Last time I checked we were the most powerful country in the world. The government can take care of its people so that no one dies and when the numbers drop, we can worry about how we’ll improve the economy.

    My friends, please be careful not to protect the money of the 1% when the 1% has enough money to flick you right out of existence!

    You are one of us, NOT one of them.

    The U.S. government should be losing money to save Our Lives, not Americans losing their lives to save THEIR money.

    I hear some people say that the TV has told us to be fearful of the pandemic and that the media is causing panic. It’s true, the media makes money from selling fear and you don’t have to buy into it. You are in charge of your own life and you have the right to make your own choices. Choose yourself, your neighbor, your loved ones, your friends, not politicians who don’t have your best interest at heart.

    It’s been two months of staying in to do our part to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Our lives aren’t over and it’s not the end of the world. Unfortunately, I know that the pandemic can literally be the difference between living in poverty or living in the lower class for many people, including Americans. But again, I think we need to stop seeing this as Our Responsibility and start seeing it as the responsibility of the government to help fund its people in a time of crisis!! Do you all realize that we are the only developed country that does not have medical insurance for all of its citizens? If we had that (which a lot of people criticize) then people wouldn’t have to worry about the lack of medical coverage. We live in AMERICA. Last time I checked we were a very powerful and rich country. Why in the world should US THE PEOPLE go out and risk infection so we can make sure the economy prospers??? So, the Government says testing everyone isn't realistic and isn't necessary, but then they get tested ON A DAILY BASIS??? Come on, don't you think there's something off about that??? So, it’s okay to send us working class people out to work without being tested, right?

    Some people like to conjure up ideas of a conspiracy theory – and as much as I love a good conspiracy, the truth about what is going on with the government today isn't a conspiracy. The truth doesn't need to be scratched out from under the dirt. THE TRUTH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. The politicians are all getting tested every single day and minimizing the importance of testing us, but encouraging us to go back to work. Want to know why? Because they don't want to pay out for all the unemployment claims! You pay for unemployment security every time you pay your taxes – just like you've been paying for that stimulus check with every social security contribution you made… Trump didn't give you that money, it was always yours!

    Instead of the people being encouraged to go out and work and reopen the economy, why can’t the banks which take in TONS of money just temporarily stop collecting on mortgages instead??? Open your eyes. Protect yourself and your loved ones and STOP letting the government use you.

    The government is trying to turn us against each other by generalizing liberals and democrats. We shouldn't allow them to turn us against one another. We are not the enemy. We are the people and we are the ones who need to reclaim this country. The elected officials we have in office have used manipulative tactics for too long, discrediting our sources of information as fake news to make their words the ones to live by. They call the experts that offer advice to stay indoors part of the liberals or the left, and then classify those who listen to that advice as "sheep". The sheep are the ones who think we should be dying for the rich a**holes that run this country.

    You’re fighting for the people who aren’t on your side.

    Wake up!!!

  6. It’s funny how Trump and his people are wearing blue now that they know they are pretty disliked – to associate blue w/ pissing people off.

  7. I really need to stop watching this. Too depressing to be confronted with the fact that we have a senile buffoon for a president and that there's still a ton of people that love him. Proof that humanity is just fucking doomed.

  8. You're a worm dude it's all there is to it…. First time we had a strong president for the people… And you want to attack hem.. this is our country and we want it back . Are y'all people in New York or nothing but sell outs… All you do is care about yourself.

  9. It still blows my mind. All the Poli Sci majors and Ivy League grads we get every year and we can’t do any better than this jackass for President. Smh

  10. This Seth Meyers guy, I had to look him up cos no one's hear of him in the UK, but I just seen this guy say things about Trump before he was even president. This guy is still butthurt that Trump won but he needs to get over it and recover from his TDS cos his comedy is clearly affected by it.

  11. What is one to do when ones' late night comedy show fails miserably in producing any Comedy?? I know, Lets get on the Trump Trashing Train. It's so easy. Just follow the lead of Trump Trashing networks like CNN & MSNBC. Any idiot can do it, as so readily demonstrated by Mr. Meyers. And any idiot can support it, as so readily demonstrated by the comments from the Left Wing Mob


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