Wait for Pakistan’s surprise: Army response from DG ISPR

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Pakistani army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor said that Indian aircraft were seen in three radar places in Pakistan, while at one place they had crossed the border with Muzaffarabad sector and the Pakistani air team at the airport timely challenged them.

At the beginning of his press conference, DG ISPR said that a wise enemy with a friendly friend is better that we are unfortunate that our neighbor also supports the lie and foolishness of India.

The Prime Minister had said that we would not think of the answer. He said India tried to intervene in three places.

DG ISPR said India claims that its aircraft were in Pakistan for 21 minutes and 350 terrorists were killed.

They refer to the news and claims given on the media of India, which are as follows: The first attack was Balakot, from three to 45 to three o’clock. Another attack from Muzaffarabad was from 3 to 3 to 55 minutes …… The third attack took place in Chakothi from 4 minutes to 4 minutes to 4 minutes.

DG ISPR said, “Stay tuned for 21 minutes in Pakistan’s air limits.” They say that the entire Air force of the entire army can not live in the atmosphere at all times.

Jabha is a village located in Manssa district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
According to the preparation of the war, the ground forces carry their security measures and Navy own.

‘When they came to the ground, they would get the answer we had planned.’

According to the military spokesman, when the tension increases, forces from both sides make their air petroling and also being done by Pakistan.

He told that our air pilot mission was in the atmosphere. First, it appears on the radar in Sialkot Lahore area. One of our cap team reached the spot from the airport and challenged them. They did not cross the border. He stayed in his area on seven seven unwanted miles.

According to the military spokesman, our second cap team in the Lahore Sialkot sector has arrived in the atmosphere. But then a team saw our riders in Oklahapur, Sector of Sector.

‘The second petrol team went to the south and challenged it. The third air petrol team was also present, and our radars saw that a heavy heavy team is coming from Kargil Valley in Muzaffarabad sector. When our third Cape Team went to this area and challenged them, they crossed Line of Control.

‘Strike not’

According to Pakistani Army, Indian Airlines plane fired ammunition and additional fuel near Balakot.
Mujahid General Asif Ghafoor said Indian aircraft did not attack.

He said that if they attack any of us, the soldiers are ready and the Air Force is also ready.

He said India’s aim was to attack and kill them on civilian so that they claimed that they attacked the terrorist camp.

The military spokesman said he came to the For-Fay Nightly Mile, and the Pakistan Air Force challenged them. He said that while going to the place of Jinnah, four bombs dropped.

‘The challenging air craft does not seem to be. It is the work of the ground force to review whether something is dirty or not. We checked the ground because the strike did not happen. ‘

The military spokesman said we were ready, we responded.

‘I said that we will give you the patience to wait for this patience. It will come and will be different. We are democracy …. You have to go to war. ‘

Why did not the ship fall?
In response to the question why Pakistan did not ship its ship, DGISPR said that if India wanted to attack the military places, he could do it without having to cross the LOC, but he just got ‘ To do it.

The first strike reacts quickly … Either we would cross the border. But I had told you that we would respond differently and give you a surprise. And I’m telling you to play the game.