What's behind India's lower coronavirus death rate?

What's behind India's lower coronavirus death rate?

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  1. Im from India Tamilnadu .
    . today in our state affected is 11k + .. death is 79 … recovered 4k+ we have relatively very low death rate compared to other states of our country may b because of young crowd and also our medication preferred aryurvedha. siddha. Herbal … our Government said everyone to drink kaba sura kudineer ( 16 herbs mixture water) which increases our immunity and for treating covid patients also we are using siddha with alopathy which proved very effective .. and recovery rate is high … still research is going on in this

  2. Yes dude. People from within india are saying that Modi is acting on anti-Muslim philosophies. But that's all just propaganda. I would dare to say muslims have more rights and freedoms here than anywhere in the world. Do you have any proof except for repeating what everyone else is saying… "modi is anti-muslim".

  3. Get someone from India to speculate and report on this issue. We are the second-largest English speaking country. Criticize upon reason, not upon the command of sponsors. I mean seriously? Underreporting? You guys have a president who asked you to inject disinfectants and drink purell. Do some research first :D.

  4. Every 2 out of 3 people in India suffer from diseases like diabetes and cancer. So we have a much stronger immune system and many vaccines. And the people who go out from there house gets beaten up by the police.

  5. This guy is Useless!!
    South Asia gives 6 Shots of BCG vaccine, ( to avoid Tuberculosis, cough/lung issues) before any kid turns age of 3.. So little immunity for this virus is built a speculation!!

  6. 70% of population of India lives in rural villages who are very unlikely to get into contact with a foreign national . There is very less chance of them getting the disease which originated in foreign countries. So, India need not test all 1. 3 billion people. It just need to focus on the areas that are visited by foreign nationals, which it did . More over India implemented lock down in very early stages which made it easier for the government to control the spread.
    People responded positively and are vigilant enough about the situation and didn't question the government. Where as US was unable to implement the perfect lockdown because people didn't listen to government and started mass protests demanding freedom which made it easy for the virus and tough for the government.

  7. Everyone is talking about India's low death rate… But no one is talking about China… The country having the largest population.. The origin land of the coronavirus… People of wuhan went to different nations to spread this virus.. But none of the other cities of China are as greatly affected as that of US, Italy and Spain… Even all the major cities of India had large number of covid patients..

  8. A big gift to CBS 🖕🏼 don't worry about our low rate of infection and a "weak" health care system…worry about your over 1 million infected and "strong" but struggling healthcare system…and yes ask an Indian these questions not some asian sounding name guy in the UK..

  9. Because of our BCG vaccination nation wide carried out in 1976…India is expert in handling pandemic for century…

  10. its obvious that india in the 1940 had a compulsory vaccination policy of the bcg vaccine for tuberculosis an respiratory disease ( sounds familiar ) including portugal only 1,163 deaths amids the chaose of italy ,spain and france england and germany which only had a recommended policy..clearly they did not use it …the usa had a NO policy ..highest deaths in the also had a compulsary vaccination policy ..high percentage of people live in the same conditions as india…then every body is praising sweden for there handeling of the crisis ..they have more deaths to infected people than any country with the same infections..then there is the simple fact that in first world countrys you must hear every day how to protect your children by using soap that kills 99% of all are not protecting your children you are harming them ..they have no immune systems what so ever…but it is a good money making scam

  11. There we go again with Crazy reporting, asking about India’s Covid-19 response to journalist in UK. Again bringing up Hindu’s & Muslim during pandemic by muslim journalist. Funny Video..!!


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