WhatsApp, its largest market in India, is in deep trouble

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CALIFORNIA / DELHI: WhatsApp is facing severe difficulties in India, its largest market in the world, following the announcement of its new policy and regular advertisements to restore the confidence of millions of users migrating to other messaging platforms. Has been forced to run a campaign.

According to the details, WhatsApp is used the most in India in the world where the number of its users is said to be 400 million.

However, the messaging platform is facing serious difficulties in its largest market after WhatsApp announced a policy on information exchange and delivery to Facebook.

This difficulty can only be gauged by the fact that now Till now, India is the only country where WhatsApp has published advertisements in newspapers regarding its new policy.

WhatsApp, its largest market in India, is in deep trouble

Advertisements published by WhatsApp in at least ten major English and Hindi newspapers in India state that “your privacy is included in our DNA.”

Has reiterated that the company’s new policy will not affect the privacy of messages sent to customers’ families and friends.

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Analysts say the growing distrust of WhatsApp could lead to a huge drop in WhatsApp users, which would not only affect the messaging app, but also put the app’s owner, Facebook, at a hefty investment. Can In 2014, Facebook, along with India’s Reliance Group, made its largest investment of 22 22 billion.

Facebook’s investment with Reliance was also working on a plan for transactions with 30 million stores, which could be hampered by the new WhatsApp policy.

Although WhatsApp has been licensed by the Indian government for financial transactions, if the number of WhatsApp users drops dramatically, other platforms in the sector could likely play a bigger role. Can be successful in taking.

The first legal action against messaging platform WhatsApp has also started in India, where a lawyer named Chetnia Rohila has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court against the new policy.

According to the International News Agency, the petition states that WhatsApp has made a mockery of our fundamental right to privacy.

It also called the new policy a violation of national security.