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WhatsApp Once again clarify the exchange of user information

The app has once again assured users that their personal information is safe and has issued another explanatory statement regarding its new policy.

The messaging app WhatsApp has come under fire globally following its announcement to share information with Facebook and delete the accounts of those who do not accept the terms.

In view of this, an explanatory statement has come out twice from WhatsApp.

Earlier, WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart took a stand on the issue, while the company issued a formal statement again yesterday.

In an explanatory statement, WhatsApp says it needs to respond to a number of rumors about its policy.

The statement said the new policy would not affect the privacy of users’ daily conversations and contacts.

Private messages will be protected!

“We want to make clear that changes to the policy will not affect the privacy of your family and friends,” the statement said.

These policy changes relate primarily to business accounts on the WhatsApp.

The use and interaction of these accounts is at the discretion of the users and we have informed them of our policy for transparency.

WhatsApp says that despite the change in policy, Facebook will not have access to the “log” (details) of sending and receiving messages from any WhatsApp user, nor will the location sent by anyone to Facebook. Will be able to see

Location share will not be exchanged

The statement said that when you share location with someone, it is protected by end-to-end encryption, which means that no one other than the people who have shared this information with each other. Can’t access this method.

Contact list and group privacy

The statement said that under the new policy, WhatsApp will not exchange secure contacts with Facebook users.

The company says that the details of the groups created by the users will also be kept safe and its information will not be given to Facebook for use for advertising purposes.

How to ensure more privacy!

Facebook says that to further ensure the privacy of its contacts and messages, users can also use the option to “disappear” from the chat after sending messages.

The exchange of messages with family and friends and the nature of contacts at the business level are different, the statement said.

We are offering this option to provide helpful information such as purchase receipts, etc. to individuals and organizations who use the WhatsApp for business purposes only.

The statement added that whenever you contact a business by phone, email or WhatsApp, it will know what you are saying and can also be used for Facebook ads.

That’s why we’ve made it clear that this policy applies to links to business accounts using the hosting service from Facebook.

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