When Ranveer Singh received the award, Shahid Kapoor lost his temper

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After receiving the Best Actor award from Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor angrily left the show.

Shahid Kapoor’s performance in the Indian film ‘Kabir Singh’ released in 2019 not only made everyone his fan but also turned the box office around when the film proved to be a blockbuster.

After the release of the film, the organizer of the award function asked Shahid Kapoor to give the award for best actor while Shahid Kapoor himself had to perform in the same award.

While Shahid Kapoor was more than happy with his performance, he was happy to receive the Best Actor award, but at the last minute, the organizer changed his mind and gave the award to Ranveer Singh.

According to Indian media, as soon as the organizer announced to give the award to Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor lost his temper and shouted at the organizer, after which Shahid Kapoor left without performing at the award function.