WHO: Coronavirus enters 'new and dangerous phase' as new cases hit record high

WHO: Coronavirus enters 'new and dangerous phase' as new cases hit record high

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  1. People Getting tired by now, The Virus it's just like a Flu or dust, it can be anywhere, cant be disappeared
    The only hope is the real vaccine

  2. You guys did drop the ball. Get back to the drawing board and stop shooting yourself in the foot with bad advice. Latest example, a silly WHO said asymptomatic people are not likely to transmit the virus to others. Smh. Then you try to take it back. You're destroying your own reputation.

  3. Covid19 Proved a Fake Pandemic
    Corona Virus Pandemic is the Biggest Fake Plague ever created. Do the Math – Only 120,000 Approximate Deaths in 6 months, and approx. 2,295 Million tested positive. BUT with a population in USA of almost 350 Million people the Math of Probability is several million people have contracted the disease that never bothered to get tested. That is millions of people are asymptomatic and catch the virus much like brushing dandruff off their shirts- it's a very minor disease. 350 million Americans and only a few million have been tested, therefore math probability is valid by the prima facie fact that without tests we must assume the lower deaths is relevant to the over 2 million tested positive would have spread the disease by at least but not limited to the number of positives. Two million positives would equal at minimum of 4 million and probably more. FAKE PANDEMIC!!! Time to get the Supreme Court to declare Quarantines Unconstitutional. Where is justice? These shutdowns are harming more people than the virus. The Riots, looting and burning are a product of mass unemployment due to quarantine. BOTTOM LINE; 2,295 Million Positive but not sick is 'Probability' they spread the disease to a few million more who for whatever reason have not been tested. Math of Probability is a legitimate science and its' very probable that millions out of the 350 million Americans have Covid but are living safe normal lives =s Fake Pandemic! Add it all to new science like the British Steroid Dexamethasone that is reducing death rates by 35% means we should go back to living our lives like we did before the pandemic. Good to hear that the Percentage of Tested Positive is going up, as they are almost all staying healthy and well, proof that its not a true plague.

  4. This fool and therefore the organization has lost absolutely all credibility and its time to fire him…until then, nobody wants to listen to this nonsensical ccp approved press releases.

  5. WHO has succeeded by promoting the agenda of IMF and World bank to destry the economies of this world. Now every country would approach to IMF and World to get loan on high interest rates. These banks would increase will become richer and richer will make most counrties their slaves.


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