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With exercise, muscles reduce the damage of spontaneous inflammation

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have used a model to show that if exercise is continued, internal muscle spasms and inflammation can be remedied.

We have been describing the physical, mental and psychological benefits of exercise.

But now scientists have discovered an invisible aspect of human nature from laboratory-grown human muscle cells.

Details were published in the journal Science Advances on January 22.

Many changes take place in the body during exercise. In particular, we are unaware of the factors that occur inside the muscles, tissues and cells within the muscles.

For this, a simple model has been developed in which human muscle cells have been created using bioengineering.

This research has shown that human muscle cells can repair the damage caused by internal irritation and inflammation after exercise or any such activity.

However, inflammation is not good or bad in its nature, but the post-injury inflammation repairs the body, but many times the human immune system reactivates spontaneously and causes unnecessary internal irritation, which is very harmful.

Arthritis pain is the best example of this in which internal inflammation occurs without any reason.

The muscle model that the experts have created in the laboratory has taken ten years of hard work. They note that exercise directly enables the muscles to selectively eliminate the harmful effects of internal irritation.

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