World entering 'dangerous phase' with coronavirus, WHO says

World entering 'dangerous phase' with coronavirus, WHO says

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  1. If only we were as angry at our government’s failings as we are with who’s failings, trump has let covid19 spread like wildfire in the us and has directed all the anger at who.

  2. This guy is another one of those people that in January or late January should have been drugged out and had this s*** kicked out of him only bought and paid for politician thank you China

  3. Stress is poisonous to our body and mind. It suppresses our immune system. It is the cause of heart and stomach problems. It makes us get old faster. It causes ulcer, hair loss, infertility, obesity, diabetes, migraines, backpain and many other deceases. Stress dehabilitates our mind clarity/vision/wisdom and thus stops us from thinking creatively to solve problems and subsequently threatens our finances and livelihood.
    Stress kills us twice. It destroys our present moment and shortens our life.
    Practising sports is one of the best methods to control stress.
    The other method is practising reatlime mindfulness of our emotions through registering our daily emotional experiences using tools such as the 'Bankhappiness' App
    If you treasure it, measure it
    Keep shining!

  4. China had to Let this get to the US and the World on Purpose and the WHO Helped them………………The WHO Director-General needs to Resign.

  5. Foreign Governments/Rogue MK Ultra Experiments/"Transhumanism"/Rogue Pseudo Paramilitary

          Stay Away from Rogue Organizations
             Mimics of Official Governments

        Weaponized Inbreeding, do NOT attend

      Humans degenerated by stolen technology

    Hostiles completely sychonized, compromised and immoblized by rogue governments satellites and AR Drones forcing many to lose focus suddenly and shouting out white supremacy from homes, residences and businesses.

    Victims are incapacitated or aggressively kidnapped to secret cultist ghost schools/laboratories

    Simulations of rogue governments strategies are used outside of the main hostiles location to stage, plan, kidnap and execute the ultimate destruction of persons human, memories, and DNA

    Rogue Satellites from foreign governments in strategic placement using invisible magnetic wire frames beamed from rogue satellites that are merged externally over the human body, in an attempt to subdue person's into hidden MK Ultra projects, human/sex trafficking organizations and Ghost Laboratories.

    High powered magnetic lasers beamed from rogue satellites that raises blood pressure to simulate scenarios that induces flight or fight responses

    Audible sounds are used w/ rogue satellites to discourage and allure persons into ghost schools/laboratories to receive capital abuses

    Satellites induces
    – Discouragement
    – Emotional Responses
    – Anxiety
    – Boredom
    – Anger
    – Apathu
    – Fight or Flight
    – Depression
    – Confusion
    – Brain zapping
    – Aggressive short term memory loss
    – Autochat AI's
    – Radio bursts to scramble memories

    Rogue Government/Ghost Schools/Ghost Laboratories/Rogue Satellite's from foreign governments worldwide

       Aggressive Kidnappings and Immediate Amber Alerts.

    Memories are entirely wiped allowing the rogue government to input, output, or remove memories at their leisure. Inflicting severe trauma to the brain and severely crushing and damaging DNA.

    Rogue MK Ultra victims completely lost and replaced with extremist inbreeds farmed and raised within foreign governments ghost schools/laboratories and released from various strategically placed areas, to commit compromise, felonies and recruit for rogue governments nationwide.

    Combat Roleplaying
    Combat Video Recording
    Combat Scripts
    Combat AR Projectors from customised military AR Drones

    Person(s) are outstripped of Official government information and identities, and are immediately converted into a Slave, then finally a Sacrifice

    Inhumane conditioning to finalize subduing kidnapped. Person is never seen again. Thus the emptied out human from repeated illicit and torturous experiments are guranteed the intricate destruction of their DNA and brain functions. And are used as an RC "Tool" for the foreign government's bidding

  6. Tired of hearing anything from this Marxist including the propaganda specialists in the media. Wash your hands, cover your cough and sneeze, isolate the vulnerable, and don't be stupid. Do that and Communists like these won't be telling us that "we will be better prepared for the next crisis". Which will be a crisis that they hijacked again.

  7. The WHO organization is Illuminati/Satanic leadership based. Don't trust them. In fact we should destroy this two faced satanic evil organization. Their aim is to kill people by using this virus. Allah's wrath and anger is upon WHO and the UN too. They will get punished. By Allah they will, and it's very soon. The sign of WHO is an Illuminati sign with a snake.

  8. This virus has PROVEN to be no more than the flu. I refuse to live in fear and panic. If YOU are sick, stay home. If YOU want to wear a stupid mask, wear it. I've had the flu before, many times in my 73 year lifespan. Marxist U.N. and WHO go peddle your fear somewhere else. Give me liberty or give me death.

  9. How is THIS man the director initially, and certainly after the scandal involving their financial misuses? He pilfered the coffers of the WHO as if it were his personal lottery winnings. I don't understand all the corruption of these important, powerful figures being overlooked and ignored. What about all the child porn found at his buddies estate in Seattle, you know the one? Never a hiccup about any of it. PELOSI and her millions from insider info, Hunter Biden, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, Pelosi, & THE Clinton's children's questionable, or proven criminally received, jobs and fundings? All this ties into this Foundation and Epstein participants on his island. When will the dominoes start falling?


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