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YouTube sets new rules for posting videos

YouTube sets new rules for posting videos


California: YouTube sets new rules for posting videos on their platforms by users.

The company has set a new policy in blog post, saying it will be unacceptable to upload deadly challenges, horrible fun and physical harmful content.

YouTube has already prohibited the content that emerges on dangerous activities or content that results in harmful, but new jokes policy has shown terrible jokes and challenges.

YouTube has shown an example of ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ and ‘Fire Challenge’, saying that there is no place on the platform of similar activities, content that threatens people’s lives or stunt the souls. I am proven, they will not be allowed to share on YouTube anytime.

The company says that the content has been banned in the updated policy, to try to trace people as they are in danger, such as attacking, scared, firing on someone while driving By scoring it, like jokes or challenges.

The company further says that YouTube always places fun and fonts on its platforms which have not crossed the border.

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